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How to prepare after being admitted to the interview? IFP exams
Check out some valuable tips on how to prepare for the interview for admission to the Primary Teacher Training Courses (IFP’s/IPF).

The assessment processes in training institutes are divided into two.
first phase
The candidate takes written exams according to the courses, if he is admitted to these exams, he proceeds to the next stage which is the second stage.

Second level

The candidate is evaluated in the form of an interview.
Imagine that you are admitted to the written exams, and go to stage 2, how to be?
What will be evaluated in the interview?
Teacher training institutes assess almost every aspect of education with a view to the training objective.

1.Division of questions

The questions are usually asked in the subjects of Portuguese Language, Mathematics and general culture.

Mathematics subject

What should I study in Mathematics and Portuguese Language?
The interviewers are assumed to have some basic skills in mathematics subjects (primary education suggestion 4 to 7 grade subjects in several thematic units. Be more contextualized in these subjects and study.

General Culture

Do you know the president of the Republic of Mozambique? It is a question of general culture, here in this category the candidate is evaluated in various contexts, for example, knowing some introfes of the national tradition and more.

2. Punctuality

It is essential the time for the interview, get thirsty so that you can be better psychologically.
Interview duration
How to act during the interview? Show that you are confident and that however difficult the questions are, you want an answer.
If the questions become challenging, stay calm and answer objectively and avoid unnecessary arguments.
Will there be time to say everything?
When interviewers ask a question try to be calm and it will help you answer the questions objectively.
Other bonus tips,

3. Appearance

Other basic tips that don’t hurt to remember is to appear, if you look at it, be the ‘teacher of the future’.
Posture keep good posture, and introduce yourself,
keep the phone off
Mobile devices tend to leave candidates baffled, imagine that the cell phone rings in the middle of the interview! Don’t panic Turn off your cell phone and forget it exists.

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