Discover the advantages and disadvantages of car insurance

Currently, the number of cars circulating on the streets and roads is not proportional to the number of people who have insurance for their car. We all know the importance of having car insurance to be on the safe side, yet this is not enough to increase the number of customers with insurance. Hiring one is not just about having a tow truck or a tire change available. It can offer advantages such as:


• Mechanical breakdown coverage;

• Fuel in case you run out of fuel in your car;

• Repair or change the tire for the spare tire (spare tire) anywhere;

• The insurance guarantees accommodation for you to be calm if you have an accident while in another city, far from your home;

• After an accident, the insurance provides a taxi for both you and your companions (family, friends, et

• Discount for policyholders at partner stores of the insurance company on products for the car: child seat, assistance and repair of home appliances, among others.

The advantages are greater than the disadvantages in the market of insurance companies and their services. One of them may be the high value of the premium, which has a negative impact on your pocket, and another, in the event of a claim, you must test the culpability of the parties and how it happened, an operation that usually takes a long time, even more if you don’t have an insurance broker to help you and take care of the bureaucratic part.

So it pays to have car insurance.

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